Questioning identity, knowledge, and power

SBOBET的多样性和社会正义研究项目探索了关于身份类别(性别)的学术和理论, sexuality, race, etc) and their relationship to power and knowledge. Through core and cross-listed courses students examine identity as a category of analysis, investigate the construction of social differences, and explore the impact that these considerations have on social structures and practices and knowledge production.

Diversity and Social Justice Studies recognizes that questions of social identity make a difference to people's lives; it researches how taking identities into account changes what we know and can know about social formations; it explores the importance of "differences" between people, recognizing that "difference" is often about (unequal) power relations; it investigates how identity markers such as gender, race, sexuality, (dis) abilities, national identity, etc. make a difference to people’s positioning in the world and thus also to what a more just world can look like; and it creates new scholarship that acknowledges the difference that considerations of identity make to how we know and can act in the world.


Diversity and Social Justice Studies is a self-reflexive project — that is, in addition to generating new knowledge that takes social identities into consideration, it also always asks questions about the construction of those categories of identity themselves. Thus, in Diversity and Social Justice Studies, identity is more than a description or variable to take into consideration; it is an area of constant question and contestation even as its overall concern is to explore what is meant by “social justice.“多样性和社会正义研究的学术领域包括对现有理论和研究的批判性检验,以及通过在广泛的学科和问题中提出新问题来扩展知识.

多样性和社会正义研究学位为学生提供了许多不同领域的专业知识和灵活性, 并为他们提供批判性思维技能以及与当今世界越来越相关的背景和训练. In Diversity and Social Justice Studies, students acquire: knowledge and social awareness about differences between groups of people and respect for that diversity; the capacity to ask critical questions about how the world is organized—and to  posit other possibilities; and broad communication skills and the ability to see, understand, and translate multiple points of view for different audiences. 学习多样性和社会正义研究项目可以加强个人智力和个人发展, and is valuable preparation for a variety of career fields after graduation, including (although not limited to!) law, administration, non-profit organizations and NGOs, social work, education, health professions, life sciences, academia, government service, business, counselling, journalism, leisure and recreation, and library science, among others.

Want to know more about the program? Have questions? Contact the coordinator, Dr. Ann Braithwaite, at abraithwaite@staff.h-keshohin.com or in person in Main 504. Welcome to DSJS!

Sarah Freeburn

Sarah Freeburn, a fourth-year student in UPEI’s Diversity and Social Justice Studies program, has been awarded a 2022 3M National Student Fellowship Award by STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education).


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Course Structure


多元化与社会正义专业的学生必须完成DSJS项目的42个学分(14门课程). These credit hours must be composed of the 2 required core courses in DSJS 1090 and 4040, and 12 additional courses from the list of DSJS courses, with at least four courses (12 semester hours) at the 3000-4000-level. Students must take a minimum of 2 courses from each of the 3 thematic areas.

DSJS is comprised largely of courses cross-listed from other departments. As such, in addition to doing a standalone major in DSJS, it's easy to get a double major or a minor. And some cross-listed courses can count towards two different majors. See the coordinator for more details.

Core Courses:

DSJS 1090 Special Topics in Diversity and Social Justice Studies
DSJS 4040 Theorizing Social Justice

Cross-listed courses:

1) Gender and Sexuality

  • DSJS 2050 - Sex and Culture
  • DSJS 2420 - Philosophies of Love and Sexuality (Philosophy 2420)
  • DSJS 2610 - Sex, Gender and Society (Sociology/Anthropology 2610)
  • DSJS 3850 - Women in 19th Century Canada (History 3850)
  • DSJS 3860 - Women, the Law, and Civil Rights in 20th Century Canada (History 3860)
  • DSJS 3910 - Psychology of Women (Psychology 3910)
  • DSJS 3950 - Gender and Violence (Psychology 3950)
  • DSJS 4060 - Queer Theory
  • DSJS 4350 - Gender and Sexuality (Psychology 4350)

2) Identities and Social Structures

  • DSJS 2630 - Global Youth Cultures (Sociology/Anthropology 2630)
  • DSJS 2750 - Social Inequality (Sociology/Anthropology 2750)
  • DSJS 2920 - Work and Society (Sociology 2920) 
  • DSJS 3020 - Constructing Difference and Identity (Sociology/Anthropology 3070)
  • DSJS 3030 - Psychology of Aging (Psychology 3030)
  • DSJS 3520 - Kinship and Family (Anthropology 3520)
  • DSJS 3550 - Globalization (Sociology/Anthropology 3550)
  • DSJS 3710 - Community Based Ethical Inquiry (Philosophy 3710)
  • DSJS 3810 - Women, Economics and the Economy (Economics 3810)
  • DSJS 3840 - Cultural Psychology (Psychology 3850)
  • DSJS 4010 - Medical Anthropology (Anthropology 4010)
  • DSJS 4310 - Minority/Ethnic Groups and Canadian Multiculturalism (Soc/Anth 4310)
  • DSJS 4510 - Women and Aging (Family Science 4510)
  • DSJS 4720 - Social Justice in Psychology (Psychology 4720)

3) Cultural Representation and Analysis

  • DSJS 2120 - Food and Cultural Studies (Foods & Nutrition 2310)
  • DSJS 2210 - Writings by Women (English 2210)
  • DSJS 3060 - Transgression, Resistance, Protest
  • DSJS 3110 - Identity and Popular Culture (Anthropology 3100/English 3140)
  • DSJS 3320 - Knowledge and Culture (Anthropology 3320)
  • DSJS 3740 - Qualitative Research Methods (Psychology 3740)
  • DSJS 4020 - Cybercultures (Anthropology 4030)
  • DSJS 4120 - Theories of the Body
  • DSJS 4560 - Visual Culture (Sociology/Anthropology 4560)
  • DSJS 4660 - Advanced Topics in Gender and Sexuality (English 4660)
  • DSJS 4720 - Britain in the 20th Century: Society, Culture and Identity (History 4740)




当学生成功完成21(21)个学期的DSJS课程时,将被认可为DSJS辅修课程, including 1090 and six additional courses from anywhere on the list of DSJS courses. At least six-semester hours must be at the 3000- or 4000-level. Up to two cross-listed courses from your major can be counted towards a DSJS minor. See the coordinator for details.

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Awards and Honours

Each year, 多样性和社会正义研究学院很高兴能够为该项目的优秀学生颁发四个奖金. The Donalda MacDonald CUPE Award was established in honour of the late PEI CUPE President Donalda MacDonald, recognized for her leadership in labour rights and social justice advocacy. 伊丽莎白·福克斯·帕西瓦尔纪念奖学金是通过2001年设立的一个纪念帕西瓦尔博士的奖学金基金资助的. Percival, who taught at UPEI from 1971 to 2001, and who was one of the primary founders of the program at the University. Bonnie MacPherson奖是由前UPEI学生Bonnie MacPherson的家庭捐赠给大学的. 多样性和社会公正研究之友奖是由一群社区和学术界支持者的慷慨捐赠而成立的, the Friends of Diversity and Social Justice Studies, started by Dr. Percival.

Donalda MacDonald CUPE Award 


The Dr. Elizabeth Fox Percival Memorial Award

该奖项将授予在心理学、多样性和社会正义研究领域关注性别问题,并致力于推进校园和/或更大社区的社会正义的高学术地位的upi返校学生. 获奖者将根据多样性和社会公正研究协调员和心理系主任的推荐进行选择, and will be approved by the UPEI Scholarships and Awards committee. This award is given out at Deans' Honours and Awards Night in the fall semester.

The Bonnie Lynne MacPherson Award in Diversity and Social Justice Studies

The Bonnie L. 麦克弗森纪念奖每年颁发给在多样性和社会正义研究项目中表现优异的毕业生. 获奖者将根据多样性和社会正义研究协调员的推荐选择,并由UPEI奖学金和奖励委员会批准.

The Friends of Diversity and Social Justice Studies Award

The Friends of Diversity and Social Justice Studies Award is presented annually, upon recommendation of the Coordinator of Diversity and Social Justice Studies, 向有兴趣通过积极参与课程来追求多样性和社会正义研究的复读全日制学生, and who has also demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice. This prize is awarded at the annual Deans’ Honours and Awards ceremony held each fall.

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